From the Garden



Mission Statement

It is the mission of From the Garden to provide access to all-natural, handcrafted bath and body products without the use of chemicals and irritants. These products must cleanse and or moisturize as well as be fragrantly and texturally pleasing to the senses.  


Our Humble Beginnings

In 2012, my mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  After several months of chemotherapy treatment, she began to retain fluid, especially in her lower extremities.  Her legs actually began to weep and she become so weak she could no longer stand unassisted.  It was at that time she chose to cease treatment.  As the fluids left her body, it left her skin very dry, scaly and itchy.  My siblings and I tried to alleviate her discomfort with various lotions but the moisturizing effect was very brief.  I wanted to try a sugar scrub on Mom but the commercial products I found contained a long list of chemicals and irritants.  The last thing Mom needed was more chemicals.  So I set out trying to create a naturally exfoliating product with a pleasant fragrance. Sugar was an obvious choice for an exfoliant but the moisturizing medium and source for fragrance were a bit more challenging.  I researched numerous carrier oils and found what I believe are highly beneficial to the skin.  I also wanted to use fragrances which Mom enjoyed and found soothing.  I found inspiration in my herb garden which I had been growing for culinary purposes.  Fresh picked rosemary and lavender, grown with no chemicals or pesticides, dried and ground became the source of fragrance for Mom's sugar scrubs.  Mom found great physical comfort in the exfoliating massage, calming fragrance and the resulting smooth, soft skin.  She also found emotional comfort in the massaging touch of her children.  Mom did finally succumb to her cancer, but, in her words, her "skin felt as smooth as butter".


The Launch of a Business

After Mom's passing, I continued to make the scrubs for my personal use and to give as gifts to friends.  My friends so enjoyed them that they requested I sell them so they too could give them as gifts.  In 2014, I created my business, From the Garden, and expanded my line of sugar scrubs to include numerous fragrances and few seasonal favorites, all still made from herbs grown in my garden and fruits purchased from farmers markets.  


Soon customers began to ask for all-natural goat milk soap to go along with the all-natural scrubs.  It seemed like a logical progression for the company to follow.  From the Garden offers these goat milk soaps in the same great fragrances as the rest of the Garden's line. The oils in these soaps are chosen based on their moisturizing, conditioning, and gently cleansing properties.  Together these soaps and scrubs create a relaxing experience for the senses, and a gently cleansing and moisturizing experience for the body. Products "From the Garden" can turn your bath into a relaxing oasis...lie back, relax and luxuriate!


For moisturizing "on the go", try our solid lotion sticks and lip balms made with creamy shea butter, coconut oil, and bee wax.  You will find that they quickly penetrate the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple.  No greasy or waxy feeling here!